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Mission LED Hibay Project

Executive Summary

�The Mission Produce Lighting Retrofit Project was designed to implement all qualified LED solutions while realizing maximum financial savings for the client.� 93% of the project was retrofitted with LED products while the 7% was replaced with better performing fluorescent technology.� Rather than a high cost central control system, localized controls were implemented to maximize the energy savings.� This project created 79% energy savings from the previous lighting design & achieved a superior lighting environment for all worker activities.� Simple payback based on electricity alone is 1.4 years and if the additional savings from maintenance, tax deduction benefit� & cooling load reduction are considered, the actual payback is expected to be within one year from the date of project completion.
Simple Payback Based on Energy Savings 1.4 Years(After Utility Rebate)
Overall Energy Savings 79% Energy Saving
Estimated Annual Energy Savings 147,982 kWh/yr
Applied Rebate Program PSE Enhanced Lighting Program
EPACT 2005 Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction Eligible to receive commercial lighting tax deduction benefit
Lighting Design Strategy Task Ambient Lighting Strategy, Zone Based Occupancy Controls Strategy
Product Qualification Standard Energy Star, Design Lights Consortium & Lighting Facts
Ergonomic Lighting Improvement Greater efficiency and visual comfort have been reported by the employees

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