by Gary Chittim | June 12, 2015

HCLS Conference Brightens Up Safeco Field

The clubhouse of the Seattle Mariners is like a dream come true for the pioneers of the rapidly growing human centric lighting movement. Safeco Field was the site for the first ever Human Centric Lighting Society (HCLS) Annual Conference held June 11th, 2015.

The Mariners understand how using the elements of natural daylight can improve players’ moods and performance. Under the guidance of Planled, they installed a tunable LED system that mimics an outdoor experience in the clubhouse. Players get ready for games under lights that provide a stimulating spectrum of light that is similar to daylight.

After the game, they return to the clubhouse which now offers warmer, evening light which can help them unwind and prepare their bodies for rest. Members of the Society have been promoting the scientific research of this kind of lighting for decades. Now schools, hospitals, private businesses and sports teams are adopting it.

All the hard work and persistence of the HCL membership is now being understood and embraced. The conference was attended by representatives from private and government organizations from across the country who will now share what they’ve learned with decision makers at all levels. This is how a movement grows and ripens. This is how we invite healthy,  natural light back into our lives.  

Note: Planled also installed the field lights at Safeco making it the first, but not the last, Major League Baseball stadium lit by cost and power saving LED lights.