Economies of Scale

Our portfolio based approach to procurement(rather than project based) passes through the financial benefits of economies of scale.  While adhering to our highest standard of product safety and performance, we seek to improve the project feasibility by achieving significant reduction in both the product and procurement costs. 

Product Qualification

All of Planled’s product offerings are co-developed and introduced with strict qualification process.  Horizontally integrated R&D process ensures our clients that Planled will only offer products that have successfully completed both efficiency and safety testing and listing process.

Testing shall be conducted per the applicable IESNA and ANSI approved method for products using Solid-State Lighting (SSL) sources. Test laboratories must be either National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredited for solid-state lighting testing as part of the Energy-Efficient Lighting Products laboratory accreditation program or one of the qualified laboratories listed on the Department of Energy (DOE) website.

Mandatory test report shall include LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21.

  • IES LM-63-2002, Standard File Format for Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data
  • UL 1598-2008 NMX-J-307/ANCE/C22.2 NO.250.0-08, Luminaires
  • IES LM-79-2008, Approved Method: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting Products
  • IES LM-80-2008, Approved Method: Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources
  • IES TM-21-2011, Projecting Long Term Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources
  • ANSI/NEMA/ANSLG C78.377-2011, specifications for the Chromaticity of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Products
  • ANSI/UL 8750-2009, Standards for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
  • ISTMT, Contained within the ENERGY STAR Manufacturing Guide
  • Lighting Facts Label Program (U.S. DOE – Department of Energy)
  • Energy Star Qualification for Applicable Products
  • Design Lighting Consortium (DLC) Qualified for Non-Energy Star Categories.
  • Lighting Design Lab(LDL) Qualified for Non-DLC Product Categories
  • Region Specific Qualifications for CA & HI