Planled is an MBE-Certified Provider of Complete Lighting Solutions

Education Plus HCL Introduction

Premium LED Partners

Planled has partnered with industry leading LED manufacturers over the years to introduce innovative lighting solutions that have advanced human experience in all lighted environments.    We offer affinity group discount for both public and private organizations, along with industry leading 10 year warranty. 

PLANLED Signature Series

Our new signature series was birthed out of our passion to spread human centric lighting at an affordable price point.   Our products are initially conceptualized with world renowned researchers and lighting designers to ensure human centric benefits.  Then we collaborate with field engineers to make the products easy to install and commission.   

We are also recognized for our human-centric lighting specification service in partnership that meets code requirement while improving performances. For companies with complex real estate portfolios, we offer complimentary lighting evaluation services enabling us to identify a building’s specific needs and optimizing the design to deliver all potential benefits to all workspaces.  

Simply speaking, we handle the entire due diligence process of product procurement on behalf of our clients. Our extensive list of references of the high profile projects speaks of the quality of work we deliver. 

In addition, we offer human-centric lighting education for employees of our clients, so they can also learn the benefits of human-centric lighting for their families at home.

Unlike the most of the lighting industry which is mainly driven by ROI, Planled is driven by our pursuit of improving lives through lighting technology. And in most cases, LED projects can by financed by the savings it creates in energy reduction and virtually maintenance free operation. Improved NOI will improve the building value while happier employees will produce greater results.

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