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04.16.2021 – Seattle, WA

Jackie Robinson MVDBP Award

During a pregame presentation on April 16, 2021, the Mariners honored John Hwang (founder and CEO of Planled) with a Jackie Robinson Diverse Business Partner of the Year award. Hwang is being recognized for going beyond to exhibit quality and professionalism in all aspects of Planled’s business.

03.08.2021 – Federal Way, WA

Scott Jenkins Joins Planled

Scott Jenkins has joined Planled as our new EVP of Strategic Partnerships. Scott is known for pioneering Green Sports Movement as the Board Chair of Green Sports Alliance and his successful career in overseeing the construction and management of iconic sports venues such as Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Safeco Field, Lincoln Financial Field and Miller Park. Scott will be leading our effort to build strategic partnerships in North America and Europe to support post-covid operations of sports, commercial, educational, healthcare and retail facilities.

10.14.2019 – St. Louis, MO

03.26.2019 – St. Louis, MO

August 2018 – SAN JOSE, CA

SAP Center Changes the Game Experience with Planled Solutions 

SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks, chose to work with Planled as a result of the superior results generated in prior professional arena projects. Coaches, broadcast, & arena operators commented on the refreshing new look of the building comparing the old lights to Standard Definition TV & the new lights to the likes of High Definition TV. Shortly thereafter, the players were asking for the lights to be improved at the practice facility to create a similar daylight type of environment. 

02.27.2018 – DENVER, CO

10.12.2017 – DENVER, CO

Pepsi Center Project Displays the Future of Lighting for NBA & NHL

Pepsi Center in Denver, CO instantly achieved 80% energy savings by going to LED. Although fixture count increased from 264 Metal Halide Flood Fixtures to 312 LED Fixtures, the visual experience went from “Standard Definition” to “High Definition”. The focal point for this project was squarely on the improving the broadcast quality, player experience & overall uniformity. The Pepsi Center is now widely considered the best lit Arena in the world with a CRI of 93+ and R9 (Red) Value of 50+, a previously unprecedented level.

06.28.2017 – GOLDEN 1 CENTER

SHINE Presentation at Green Sports Alliance Summit 2017 @ Golden 1 Center

05.13.2017 – BRONX, NY

Mariano Rivera Answers the Call to Champion PLANLED’s N.E. Community Campaign

Mariano Rivera, the beloved Yankee and all-time Major League Baseball saves leader, has joined The SHINE team. The Yankees’ organization is proudly supporting its official lighting partner, PLANLED, along with the Green Sports Alliance, in welcoming Rivera to their vision of improving energy efficiency and community outreach through the ‘Shining Hope in the Northeast’ (SHINE) campaign.

02.08.2016 – SEATTLE, WA

Legendary Slugger Edgar Martinez Signs with PLANLED to lead Grand Slam Challenge

Beloved Seattle sports figure Edgar Martinez has joined with the Seattle Mariners, PLANLED, Seattle City Light and an impressive lineup of local partners to promote better lighting and a cleaner environment. Martinez and the Mariners are committed to helping spread the word about the benefits of LED technology to workplaces and throughout the broader community. Through the “PLANLED Grand Slam Challenge,” playfields, schools and community centers will be retrofitted with LED lights at no cost to the organization.

09.23.2016 – PORTLAND, OR

Moda Center Displays the New Standard of Lighting for NBA

Moda Center instantly achieved 70%+ energy savings by transitioning the existing sports lights from HID to LED. In addition to the 794,855 kWh annualized energy savings, the players responded positively to the upgrade but especially relating to mood/performance. 80-90% savings (with dimming) is great for sustainability; the driver behind the project was to enhance the player experience. Facility Operations, Broadcast & Executives were all thrilled with the results generated by the new LED system.

12.10.2015 – BRONX, NY

PLANLED Sets a New Standard of Sports Lighting at Yankee Stadium

“We are always looking for better ways to conserve natural resources at Yankee Stadium and are thrilled to be able to partner with GigaTera and PLANLED to install state-of-the-art LED field lighting at our venue,” said Doug Behar, Yankees Vice President of Stadium Operations. “These new lights will not only help us reduce our carbon footprint, but they will showcase all of the world-class events that take place at Yankee Stadium in the most pure and natural lighting that currently exists.”

09.25.2015 – ROUND ROCK, TX

Round Rock Becomes Nation’s First City with Smart Street Lamps

“Through this technology now it is well lit, it feels a lot safer and not only that but now we have technology with the cameras set up there as well,” said Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks. Most of all, it’s shedding new light on what the future of city streets could look like. “The important part is we want to be able to have that light in the shadows. We want people to feel safe and not worry about those shadows,” said Chief Banks.

06.11.2015 – SEATTLE, WA

Human Centric Lighting Society Meets at Safeco Field

The clubhouse of the Seattle Mariners is like a dream come true for the pioneers of the rapidly growing human centric lighting movement. Safeco Field was the site for the first ever Human Centric Lighting Society (HCL) Annual Conference held June 11th, 2015.

1.20.2015 – SEATTLE, WA

PLANLED Lights MLB’s First LED Stadium

The Seattle Mariners are making history by become the first major league team to install an LED lighting system in their stadium. KING’s Gary Chittim reports that with a lifespan of 50 years, the LED’s may outlast Safeco Field.

11.12.2014 – DETROIT, MI

Declaring the Vision for Human Centric Sustainability

John Hwang was invited to speak at the annual Department of Energy Market Development Workshop in Detroit to share the revolutionary paradigm of human centric lighting.

09.26.2014 – FEDERAL WAY, WA

Seattle Company Creating Lighting Technology

Our story of changing the paradigm of lighting is covered by Gary Chittim with King 5. Beginning with this coverage, Gary Chittim grew in his interest regarding PLANLED’s vision and later on joined our team as the vice president of marketing.

10.08.2013 – SEATTLE, WA

First Human Centric Project for a MLB Team

New York Times covered our story of the most novel use of LEDs will be in Seattle Mariners clubhouse, where we displayed the potential to alter the game subtly by changing players’ moods. LEDs can be fine-tuned to simulate daylight and to try to recalibrate players’ circadian clocks.