by Gary Chittim | July 1, 2015

And Then Came the Yankees

If the growth of a company can best be tracked by its defining moments, this is a big one. The New York Yankees today announced they have reached a tentative agreement for Planled and our partner GigaTera to install our LED lights at Yankee Stadium. That’s big.

The Yankees will join the Seattle Mariners, which we lit earlier this year, as the only two stadiums in MLB to go LED. The Yankees can expect the same dramatic energy savings and visual improvement enjoyed by the Mariners. We will also provide the players with a tunable system that will help them use the elements of natural light to prepare for and wind down from games.

There are more teams to come and each will provide another major endorsement and showroom for our outstanding service and products. But we are not a sports lighting company. Our founder, John Hwang, has a much broader vision. He sees a company that liberates our commercial partners from the constraints of the traditional lighting industry. He sees a company that takes care of its customers by taking care of their customers and their workers. He sees our lighting systems opening doors to better vision, better moods, better environments by reintroducing people to the daylight that’s been lost in indoor lighting.

Planled and its manufacturing partners are using state of art science and technology to create the human centric workplace. Whether you are an all star third baseman or a nurse trying to balance life on the overnight shift, we are constantly designing plans and products to improve your workplace. Whether you are kindergarten student or a resident in a retirement village, we are working hard to help you feel better during the day and sleep better at night.

Planled is not a sports lighting company, but the professional sports industry understands what we can provide their players, fans and budgets. We value them and are humbled by the amazing opportunities they represent. We want everyone else who joins our team to know we are just as proud and honored to serve them.