epikόs – High Performance Workstation LED System


Dr. Doug Steel
The Epikos also has advanced programmed features that allow the user to pre-program exposure to what they call a “Blue Shower” that provides periodic exposure to circadian-stimulating wavelengths of light for improved alertness when desired. I applaud the manufacturer for not making explicit medical claims for this feature, although this is supported by years of medical research. I completely agree with the claim that this is a “Human Centric” lighting product in the true sense of the term.
The technology to design and manufacture high-quality LED light sources has been around from several years now, but previous products only scratched the surface of what is possible combining technology with great, intuitive design that matches the needs and preferences of the user. The Epikos is one of the first products to get this right! I plan to use this light for years to come – highly recommended.
Dr. Doug Steel Neurosense