Round Rock Installs New Smart LED Lights

In this demonstration, companies PlanLED, Gigatera and Opterra showcase how LED street lights can become emergency warning signals, operated by first responders.

“We’re glad to provide Planled with a venue to demonstrate its advanced LED technology, these smart devices have the potential to save money and improve safety, and we are anxious to see what kind of a difference they can make.”

Brooks Bennett
Brooks BennettAssistant City Manager

“Through this technology now it is well lit, it feels a lot safer and not only that but now we have technology with the cameras set up there as well.  The important part is we want to be able to have that light in the shadows. We want people to feel safe and not worry about those shadows,”

Allen Banks
Allen BanksRound Rock Police Chief

Round Rock Project Overview

The system can use different flashing patterns, or potentially even different colors down the road, to convey specific dangers to citizens. The lighting control is based on the Gigatera Ecology Service System (GESS) that includes support for sensors, controllable luminaires, and wired and wireless networks.  The LED lighting, meanwhile, will deliver significant savings to the citizens in terms of energy usage while improving the light quality. The existing 250W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights were replaced by 150W LED street lights. The retrofit raised the CCT from 1800K to 4000K and CRI from 18 to 81. Furthermore, flicker has been almost entirely eliminated.  The project also includes the aforementioned lighting poles equipped with video cameras located in a couple of so-called Safety Exchange Zones near the Police Department. In those areas, 150W LED lights replaced 1000W lamps. The zones were established in part so citizens have a safe place to exchange goods and money for online purchases.