Multi-beam modules with flexible mounting empowers lighting designers to perfect both the vertical and horizontal uniformity


Narrow beam reflector minimizes light loss and optimizes glare control

  • SUFA M Selection

    226  HID (1080W) fixtures were replaced with 226 SUFA LED Fixtures

  • Energy Reduction

    Lighting electricity demand was reduced by 63% prior to additional controls (estimated 25% additional)

  • Light Level Improvement

    Average horizontal illuminance was 230FC and is now an average of 340FC

  • Improved Broadcast Environment

    Both Vertical & Horizontal uniformity has improved by upwards of 30%

John Park

“Our top-down strategy for design, project management & implementation of our LED solution at the Moda Center was in equal parts challenging & satisfying. Very often, both building operators and LED suppliers have a propensity to direct more attention towards energy savings rather than a more holistic approach. Our philosophy, which is especially true for professional  sports teams, is to fully comprehend how an LED conversion can impact the visual experience for players, fans, facility operators & broadcast personnel . We are extremely grateful for the collaboration opportunity with the NBA and the Moda Center and to have successfully implemented what is largely considered to be the best-in-class arena LED installation to date.”

John ParkVP of West Region, Planled
Kevin Park

“As a sports lighting designer,  having the ability to create double the aiming points with one fixture is a paradigm shift in sports lighting design.  We can reduce shadowing, glare &  pioneers new standard of visual comfort.  PlanLED aspires to not only satisfy the league guideline, but also create a superior lighting environment for players, fans & TV broadcast.  The Moda Center is another clear demonstration of how proper implementation of LED technology can drastically enhance the visual environment while concurrently achieving impressive energy savings”

Kevin ParkLighting Designer, Planled