Reducing Light Pollution with Narrow Beam Technology

The partnership of Planled and GigaTera is challenging the limits of sustainability and productivity. Planled, a relentless innovator in the scientific and human effects of light, found an equally inventive manufacturer in GigaTera. Together they shook up 2015 by teaming up to make the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees the first two LED lighted stadiums in MLB. Players, fans and broadcasters have all endorsed the biggest lighting change to America’s favorite pastime in the last half-century. The LED conversion also presented the teams, along with corporate and industrial customers, savings of up to 70% and priceless performance benefits. The Planled and GigaTera partnership is built on the basic concept of elevating light to its highest potential in sustainability and the human experience.

Joe Garagiola, Jr.

“Thus far, our experience has indicated that the Mariners new LED technology at Safeco Field will be better for our players, fans in the ballpark and viewers watching at home. We applaud the Mariners for an innovative step that promises to improve efficiency and the fan experience in numerous ways, all while serving as a welcome addition to our overall greening efforts.”

Joe Garagiola, Jr.Senior Vice President of Standards & On-Field Operations for Major League Baseball
Joe Myrha

“The benefits of converting to LED lighting are across the board from the play on the field to supporting the Mariners’ long-established sustainability goals.  This project was the result of the work of many partners, including Planled and KMW, working together on this new approach to sports lighting.”

Joe MyrhaSeattle Mariners vice president of ballpark operations

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