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PLANLED Strategic Partners

PLANLED offers all of our ground breaking solutions & project development tools in partnership with regional strategic partners.

  • Proven Design Strategies

    Last decade of research on lighting’s effect on human health has been translated into PLANLED’s core lighting design strategies.  Industry thought leaders & recognized scholars often partner with us to create the optimized lighting environment with project specific customization.

  • Strategy Based LED Solutions

    PLANLED’s core value in product development is to enhance the tenant experiences.  We deliver experiences & emotions, not just energy saving lighting products.  While exceeding the energy code requirements, it is our passion to change the very culture of lighting for the betterment of mankind.

  • Competitive Price Adjustment

    By simplifying the logistics of current distribution model, we are able to offer competitive pricing for our strategic partners.  Our continuing effort to improve our pursuit of value engineering & lean manufacturing can help create lighting projects that will serve as an attractive investment opportunity for the corporate clients.

  • Lighting Simulation Service

    This will be a fee based design service that will offered through our strategic partners in the future. At this time, we are offering this service only for pilot or showcase projects.