Project Overview

Evaluation CategoryBeforeAfter
Power Usage1500W~2000W per Fixture1000W
ControllabilityNoneIndividually Addressable
Color Quality65 CRI80 CRI
Color Temperature4000K5000K
Flicker Rating52%0.2%
Infield Average348fc441fc
Infield Uniformity1.11.1
Outfield Average291fc443fc
Outfield Uniformity1.51.2
Lonn Trost

“On December 26th, when the lights go on during the game, the fans and players will be treated to something that they haven’t experienced before.  600 brand new LED lights have been installed at Yankee Stadium and will light the field like non other.  It will be the greatest lit stadium in all of the United States”

Lonn TrostNew York Yankees Chief Operating Officer
Mike Owens

“Color uniformity is great, intensity on the ground is great.  The glare from the fixture is minimal.  One of the interesting phenomena is that if the fixture isn’t aimed in your direction, it doesn’t look like it’s on, it’s much dimmer.  It doesn’t have the stray light glare as it does with HID lighting system.”

Mike OwensMLB Auditor

Glare Comparison

The challenges resulting from the traditional HID system were overcome by GigaTera’s development of a new sports light fixture design. That innovative design relies on a narrow uni-directional beam of light that minimizes stray lighting and results in the following benefits:

  • Spreading Out Glare Clusters – By spreading out glare clusters, players have a better visual experience at the stadium, and fans watching the broadcast receive a better quality image. The before and after comparison below shows how Giga Tera’s design strategy reduced glare significantly.
  • Doubling Aiming Points – By doubling the aiming points, the Yankees improved vertical illumination resulting in fewer shadows on the field resulting in more uniform lighting.

Flicker Free Broadcasting

When broadcasting night games illuminated by HID lights, broadcasters’ ability to deliver slow motion replays is limited to 180 frames per second (fps). HID lights flicker at 120 Hertz and greater than 180 fps which can create an uncomfortable viewing experience. The Yankees’ new LED lighting system was field tested with a flicker rate of 0.2%, whereas the previous system had a flicker rate of 52%. As a result, broadcast engineers can now deliver ultra-slow motion viewer experiences of up to 1,000 frames per second without any perceptible flicker.

Flicker Rating Comparison for Ultra Slow Motion Replay

  • System Technology
  • Flicker Rate
  • Previous HID System
  • 50%
  • GigaTera SUFA A System
  • 0.2%
Doug Behar

“We are always looking for better ways to conserve natural resources at Yankee Stadium and are thrilled to be able to partner with GigaTera and PLANLED to install state-of-the-art LED field lighting at our venue.  These new lights will not only help us reduce our carbon footprint, but they will showcase all of the world-class events that take place at Yankee Stadium in the most pure and natural lighting that currently exists.”

Doug BeharNew York Yankees VP of Ballpark Operations
Kevin Park

“GigaTera’s Multi-Narrow Beam Technology made it possible for us to create the most pleasant sports lighting experience in history.  Doubling the aiming points with SUFA-A fixtures, we were able to achieve the most shadow-free, both horizontally and vertically uniform, glare-free environment for the game of baseball”

Kevin ParkPlanled Lighting Engineer

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