Human Centric Sustainability

Planled’s mission is to improve human life while reducing carbon. By changing the focus of energy projects from sustainability mandate to human factors, we can communicate a compelling business case for all lighted environments. It is our mission to change the world by spreading Human Centric Sustainability.

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Innovation from the Heart

Planled partners with world class electronics manufacturers to develop research applied lighting products.  Converging the research findings with the most advanced SSL technology, we have been introducing ground breaking lighting technologies that has advanced the quality of life in various types of lighted environments. 

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Servant Leadership

Planled provides education, procurement and financing services for Energy Service Companies.  And our commitment to serve our industry partners is motivated by our commitment to improve human life in all lighted environments.  By offering human centric values to improve sustainability business models of our ESCO partners, we can reach a larger market in a shorter period of time, thereby fulfilling our mission of spreading Human Centric Sustainability.

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Community Outreach

Through partnership with with Green Sports Alliance, Human Centric Lighting Society, Seattle Mariners & New York Yankees, we are offering free education opportunities, free lighting retrofit projects and public recognition of hidden heroes of human centric sustainability.  Baseball’s favorite Edgar Martinez and Mariano Rivera have joined our mission to change the world by spreading Human Centric Sustainability.

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