Four Point Evaluation Service

Workers in your yard, manufacturing facility or warehouse deserve the safety and comfort of proper lighting and you can a free four point evaluation from Planled along with prizes from Edgar and the Mariners.


A single gets you an analysis of your Cash Flow Advantage. Planled will clearly show you the savings and utility rebates you can expect by converting to LED lighting, as well as your payback period and ROI


Swat a double and you’ll get a detailed rundown of your energy savings which puts you in scoring position for marketing opportunities and a greener sustainability portfolio


Crush a triple. Your crew gains the visual advantage of uniform, glare reducing lighting that increases their ability to recognize colors and patterns that are key to your products and services


Homerun! You can celebrate in light that is designed to create a daylight experience during the darkest hours of your operation. Planled is the industry leader in using LED technology to reclaim the benefits of natural light that are lost in the dingy glare of customary industrial lighting

Become a Major Leaguer!

Also, our team will use some of the proceeds of your conversion to LED lighting to bring improved lighting to public schools, parks and playfields in your area.

Four Point Evaluation Request

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