On June 11th, the Human Centric Lighting Society will hold its first ever conference at Safeco Field in Seattle. There is still time to register http://humancentriclighting.com/hcls2015/. The conference marks, not only the growth of the Society, it is testimony to the evolution of human centric lighting (HCL). School districts, medical facilities, professional sports teams, offices, factories, and others are now not only recognizing the benefits of healthy light, they’re installing it. The conference is at Safeco because it is home to Seattle Mariners who are the first Major League Baseball team to have LED lighting on the field and HCL in their club house. Team doctors in many sports franchises understand and advocate for HCL. Schools are excited about the potential for increased alertness and energy in their classrooms. CEOs are interested in increased safety and productivity attributed to HCL. For the visionaries, many of whom will be at the conference, this is an exciting and gratifying time. For the curious and open minded, the possibilities are limitless. Human Centric Lighting has arrived.