Lighting for Tomorrow Special Recognition for Senior Applications

PlanLED gets a lot of attention for being the first company to provide LED lighting to Major League Baseball fields (Safeco Field and Yankee Stadium), but today it was recognized for addressing the unique lighting needs of an aging population.

What makes PlanLED different is the relentless drive of its R&D team to blend the latest LED technology with a growing body of scientific studies on the biological effects of light. This has resulted in major breakthroughs in lighting for PlanLED’s customers in the sports, industrial, commercial, school, medical and other industries. The company’s latest effort was to create a lighting system that gives users control at the desk top level. CEO John Hwang worked with his manufacturing partner Prism to create a portable task lamp that would address complaints by workers, students and seniors who suffer under the typical fluorescent lighting that hums and flickers over desks around the world.

PlanLED unveiled the Epikós, a dimmable, color-temperature-tunable desk lamp that puts science, technology and comfort at the fingertips of the user. It was an immediate game changer winning praise from a wide range of users and has now been recognized for helping one group in particular. PlanLED won the Lighting for Tomorrow organization’s ‘Senior Friendly Lighting’ award. The annual contest is organized by the American Lighting Association, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It describes the Senior Friendly Awards as being for products that consider the specific needs of seniors, such as providing low glare and well-distributed light output, portability for use in a number of spaces, and easy adjustments. That fits the Epikós a T, which happens to be its shape. The flexible neck allows the Epikós to rise above computer monitors and spread a wide beam of customized light across the work space. Seniors can raise the dimming level to maximize vision while using the color tuning function to bring them energizing light when they need it and warmer, relaxing light as their day is winding down. Scientists say the changing light temperatures in natural daylight help balance circadian rhythms which leads to better attention during the day and better sleep at night. The Epikós can give the user a dawn to dusk experience indoors.

The Lighting for Tomorrow award recognizes Planled’s never ending search for a better human experience under artificial lights. We call it ‘human-centric sustainability’ and we’re proud to be chosen as a leader in bringing it seniors.

Lighting for Tomorrow

“It is very senior friendly with low glare and its adjustability. It would be great for computer desks or drafting desks.”

Lighting for Tomorrow