Pepsi Center Project is Now Complete

Craig Smith

“Part of the problem is that there is so many new technologies, we needed to partner with the right company that can do the job for us.  That’s why we hired Planled.”

Craig SmithKSE Director of Engineering
John Park

Pepsi Center in Denver, CO instantly achieved 80% energy savings by going to LED.  Although fixture count increased from 264 Metal Halide Flood Fixtures to 312 LED Fixtures, the visual experience went from “Standard Definition” to “High Definition”.  The focal point for this project was squarely on the improving the broadcast quality, player experience & overall uniformity.  The Pepsi Center is now widely considered the best lit Arena in the world with a CRI of 93+ and R9 (Red) Value of 50+, a previously unprecedented level.”

John ParkPlanled Vice President of West Region