PlanLED Management Team

John Hwang, CEO

John is the founder and CEO of PlanLED ( and the co-founder and Executive Director of the Human Centric Lighting Society (HCLS∙ John emerged from the world of investment banking and finance in the late 2000’s to become one of the primary thought leaders and culture shapers of the rapidly advancing global LED lighting movement.  Mr. Hwang was instrumental in convening the HCLS by building bridges for meaningful and catalytic relationships between educators, researchers, developers, manufacturers and business leaders, who are also significant thought leaders and practitioners within the LED lighting movement. Serving as the Lighting Advisor to the Green Sports Alliance, John is a tireless and compelling educator and advocate for delivering sustainability, increasing quality of life and creative solutions of LED lighting to the globe through innovative and affordable applications.

Janie Chung, CFO

Janie is the CFO and the co-founder of PlanLED.  She also manages the Testing & Certification Division with her extensive background in education & computer technology.  As the CFO, she has helped create structure balanced business partnerships for PlanLED’s long term clients by designing a relationship based pricing strategy that optimizes our client’s project economics.  Janie’s commitment to integrity & excellency has also helped PlanLED form our core values to continue our growth as a solutions provider without compromising our commitment to our client’s success.

Jerome Geissler, EVP of Customer Services

Jerome has been respected as an industry leader in the Northwest since the seventies.  Having owned and operated a successful electrical contracting business for 25 years,  he has also served as the president and governor of the S.W. Washington Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association.  His experience of designing hundreds of lighting construction projects has provided a solid foundation for PlanLED to develop and introduce market transforming product lines.  Jerome is the proud husband of Catherine Geissler and they share the love for the horses, regularly participating in equestrian competitions.

David Kim, EVP of Manufacturer Relations

David has been an experienced real estate investor and an investment consultant over the last 20 years.  David’s ability to analyze macros, industry sectors and specific company fundamentals has helped PlanLED identify strategic manufacturing partners that has joined the grand vision of vertically empowered network of turnkey solutions providers.  David also formulates market demand forecasts in order to optimize the production cycle and inventory management.  

Andy Lee, CTO

Andy is widely recognized for being the mastermind behind the industry’s most advanced proposal creation software, retrofitUSA.  As he is in the process of launching the third version of retrofitUSA, Andy has shown his ability to translate the market’s unmet demands into a fool proof iPad application, which can fuel the retrofit industry with the most powerful project creation tool that the industry has ever known.  Andy is also an ardent reader who dreams of becoming a writer one day.

Gary Chittim, VP of Marketing

Gary Chittim spent the last 25 years building a nationally recognized journalism career. He served as environmental reporter for the NBC television affiliates in Seattle and Portland, OR. His coverage included stories ranging from the BP Gulf oil disaster to the capture and documentation the first wolves to re-establish packs in Washington State. His trophy case contains three Emmys, an Edward R Murrow Award and dozens of nominations. He is instantly recognized by government and business leaders at all levels and is widely respected as a master story teller and communicator.

Andrew Kim, VP of National Accounts

Andrew is originally from Alaska and went to University of Washington in Seattle.  Andrew was a member of Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a Washington DC based trade association and worked in the Recovered Fibers industry for 22 years.  Andrew served as the President and COO of Specialty Fibres LLC, the leader of recycling paper industry, for 10 years.  Before Andrew joined PlanLED, he was the CEO of AK International LLC for 5 years. His experience and expertise in operations and sales through relationships help PlanLED grow and improve on a daily basis.  Andrew helps to connect consumers, service providers and manufacturers through  periodic meetings and events designed to strengthen business locally.  Andrew is also involved with the Recycling Research Foundation (RRF), a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide the art and science of scrap processing and recycling through research, sponsorship, technical assistance and educational programs. He helps PlanLED recycle old and obsolete lighting fixtures for the purpose of advancing the LED industry.  Andrew advocates on behalf of PlanLED on a variety of important issues directly and indirectly impacting the recycling lighting fixtures in the U.S. and internationally.

Jay Filer, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Jay has spent the last 20 years working in the lighting industry with several market leading lighting contractors and private ESCO’s. His experience ranges from helping to develop lighting design and estimating tools to building audit, design and sales teams. His focus over the past 10 years has primarily been in educating and building sales and design teams. Jay is passionate about building teamwork through his dedication to others succeeding first. Evidence of this can be seen by the many industry partners and friends that he has fostered over the years. Jay is a loving husband to his wife Leslie and a proud father to 4 boys (Travis, Cody, Jake and Sam). In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife and family as well as camping, fishing and hiking in the great outdoors.

PlanLED Ambassadors

Edgar Martinez, a major league baseball player of unequaled success and reputation in the Seattle market, signed with the Mariners to start his professional baseball career and made his major league debut in 1987. After becoming the team’s everyday 3rd baseman, Edgar won his first batting title in 1992, and eventually became the team’s designated hitter – a position he would go on to set the benchmark for in major league baseball.  His eighteen seasons with the Mariners netted him seven All-Star appearances, along with two batting titles and five Silver Slugger awards. Following his retirement in 2004, baseball’s Commissioner, Bud Selig, officially renamed the designated hitter award the “Edgar Martinez Designated Hitter Award,” and the city of Seattle named a street after him that runs adjacent to Safeco Field. In 2007, the Mariners organization inducted Mr. Martinez into their team Hall of Fame – only the 4th person bestowed this honor. Edgar is a recipient of the Roberto Clemente Humanitarian Award from Major League Baseball, and in 2007 he was inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame. Edgar and his wife Holli launched The Martinez Foundation, a local organization that strives to strengthen our communities by providing underserved populations with educational opportunities.

Mariano Rivera, is considered almost universally as baseball’s greatest closer of all time, no pitcher in history converted as many saves as former Yankees closer Mariano Rivera’s 652. A Yankee lifer, Rivera spent 19 seasons in the Majors and earned 13 All-Star appearances, five Top-5 Cy Young finishes, and owns the MLB record for most postseason saves (42) and lowest postseason ERA (0.70).  Rivera has been involved in philanthropic causes through his foundation and considers his involvement with Planled will further his effort to change the world for the better.  From his best-selling book, The Closer with Wayne Coffey, to his heart-warming speeches, Rivera inspires readers and audiences alike with his life story as one of the top-five Yankees of all time, the championships, the bosses, the rivalries, his struggles of being a Latino baseball player in the United States, and of maintaining Christian values in professional athletics. He discusses his drive to win, the secrets behind his legendary composure, what it’s like to run up to that mound with the game—or the season—squarely on his shoulders.

PlanLED Advisory Board

Robert J. Dupuy is an Associate Principal of Interface Engineering in Portland, OR and Creative Lighting Director. Dupuy joined Interface in 1992 and with over 22 years of experience in all facets of lighting, he brings a broad depth of knowledge to the table. His designed projects include medical, residential, office buildings, museums, theaters, retail, libraries and senior living communities. Robert was a coauthor on the Oregon Nursing Home Lighting Regulations and ANSI/IES-RP28, a national standard for senior lighting. Robert is the national chair of the Illuminating Engineering Society Lighting for the Aged and Partially Sighted Committee. As a member of the National Institute for Building Sciences Low Vision Design Committee, Robert is working on guidelines to be part of the Uniform Building Code and including lighting for the elderly and low vision populations in the Americans with Disabilities Act. As an Adjunct Professor at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon, Robert teaches lighting design to interior design students.

Dr. Steven Lockley received his PhD in biological sciences from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. He is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston. He is also an honorary associate professor at Warwick Medical School, UK, and adjunct associate professor at Monash University, Australia. A main focus of Dr. Lockley’s research has been to understand circadian rhythm disorders in the blind and visually impaired. His translational approach includes use of a range of techniques including epidemiology, field-based physiological studies, and inpatient intensive physiological monitoring. His studies have led to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to treat non-24-hour sleep wake disorder, and Advancedand Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Dr. Lockley’s research has assessed the impact of extended work hours on health and safety, and he has developed interventions that reduce fatigue and medical errors in hospital residents. In addition, he has implemented large-scale occupational fatigue management and sleep disorders screening programs in several police forces nationwide. Dr. Lockley is a co-author of Sleep: A Very Short Introduction, and co-editor of Sleep, Health and Society and is on the editorial board for the journal Sleep.

Eunice Noel-Waggoner is the president of Center of Design for an Aging Society and has been a member of Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) since 1991. She has been a tireless advocate for better lighting for seniors and people with low vision long before the lighting profession realized that there was a need. For over 22 years, she has provided advocacy and testimony before regulatory committees and state rule-making and energy code bodies, while working to get standards for the appropriate type of lighting for senior housing into law. Her efforts have paid off with local, state and national adoption of lighting regulations. Noell-Waggoner is recognized for her visionary efforts in the formation of the Lighting for the Aged and Partially Sighted Committee, for the creation of IES RP-28-98 on behalf of the elderly and low-vision populations, and for promoting the IES and RP-28 to the American Institute of Architects, senior care associations and other organizations. She was recently awarded the 2013 Distinguished Service Award by the IES in recognition of her achievements throughout the years.

Stan Walerczyk is the principal of Lighting Wizards, an energy efficient consulting firm.  He is one of the most well known and sought out experts on lighting related energy efficiency in the world. His over 25 years of industry experience includes distribution, maintenance, retrofit contracting, 3rd party review, consulting, design, luminaire design, rebate planning, policy-making and research. He is a member of the DOE CALiPER Guidance Committee. Stan is a consultant for California’s Title 20 Appliance Standard and Federal EPACT Standards, which mandate efficiency standards for lighting products.  He has assisted on DOE research on spectrally enhanced lighting. He has written over 50 white papers and published articles and presented over 700 seminars, including at 5 Lightfairs, 3 IES Annual Conferences and several IES sections. Various retrofit seminars have been for office, school, hospitality, hospital, warehouse, industrial and exterior applications. He is a Certified Lighting Energy Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers and is on the Review Board. He is Lighting Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions. He is currently on the IES Spectral Effects and Energy Management Committees.


PlanLED Business Development Team

Ryan Kim, Buisness Development Manager

Ryan has been serving PlanLED since 2010 to help create the next generation standard of the human centric lighting system. Ryan effectively communicates the most updated market intelligence with PlanLED’s Vertical Partners, providing research applied guidance to perfect the most advanced lighting control system in history. Ryan’s passion for building a sustainable future has been recognized by multiple organizations, including Puget Sound Energy, American Lighting Association & the Next Generation Lighting Design Competition.

Michael Gunaca, Business Development Manager

Michael Gunaca is a Business Development Manager for PlanLED. Michael spent his early career conducting sales for Fortune 300 and Fortune 500 third party logistics firms. He comes from a strong international business background and has obtained degrees and certificates from Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, Bauhaus Universität in Weimar Germany, and Beijing Language & Culture University in Beijing, China. Michael joins the PlanLED team with a passion for bringing lighting solutions to major global firms in a mission to enhance the lives of the workers, while increasing the productivity and sales of these businesses.

John Park, Business Development Manager

John Park is a business development manager for PlanLED.  Managing strategic client relationships and delivering customized end-to-end solutions to clients are strengths that make John a formidable asset. John is a fervent proponent of sharing the vision to drastically enhance the human experience under electrical lighting. John comes from a strong background of supply chain management with experience managing strategic FORTUNE 500 clients. John graduated with honors from Kansas State University, majoring in International Marketing & Economics & minoring in French & Spanish.

Roxanna Cardenas, Business Development Manager ∙ epikos specialist

Roxanna is an experienced Business Development Manager who excels at consultative, customized solutions for her clients. She is adept at fostering long-term business relationships, having both worked for and managed accounts for small business and Fortune 100 & 500 companies alike. Recently, her background has been in sustainable interiors & furniture projects with an ergonomic emphasis. 3P Bottom Line – People, Profit, Planet, is at the core of her value set, which makes her a natural fit for the sustainable Human Centric Lighting solutions offered by PlanLED. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Washington State University and enjoys live music (attending and performing), biking, and the culinary arts.

Robert Hentges, Business Development Manager

Bob Hentges joins us as a Business Development Manager.  With over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, Bob is acutely aware of the challenges faced by both tenant and landlord in maximizing the value of not only their property, but workforce too.  This understanding and focus along with a creative approach to problem solving will enhance the clients experience and provide for a long term partnership.

Project Management Team

Robert Shin, Senior Project Manager

Robert Shin comes to PlanLED with over 20 years of business background including technical services, retail management, financial operations, sales and relationship management, which includes over 12 years with Wells Fargo and Bank of America. He has been recognized and awarded President’s Club in both operations and sales.  He joined PlanLED with excitement to launch and help contribute what’s ahead in the LED lighting industry.  His main strength is in business operations and relationship management, and he is dedicated to building long term relationships based on trust and accountability.  He graduated from the University of Washington with B.S. in Business Administration.  In his spare time, he enjoys sports, spending time with his family and working the youth at his local church.

Kevin Park, Project Manager

Kevin is a digital media expert with passion to tell the story behind the human centric lighting revolution. Since he joined PlanLED in 2014 as a Design Intern, he has earned his place in the team, successfully designing almost 1400 aiming points for the Yankee’s Stadium and receiving MLB approval on his 1st attempt. Serving the PlanLED team now as an Assistant Project Manager, Kevin is actively involved with PlanLED’s marketing video productions and photometric simulation of research applied designs.

Angela Cho, Accounting Manager

Angela is a proud veteran of the United States Army enlisting after 9-11. She served as a Logistics Specialist at JBLM, Washington. She has 17 years of wide ranging experience in the private sector including the Insurance, Real Estate, Newspaper and Hotel Management industries. She specialized in Accounting, Human Resource, & Administrative duties. Angela has joined PlanLED’s Accounting Department, where she will support CFO Janie Chung and the PlanLED Business Development Team to enhance team collaboration and coordination.