Task Ambient Office Lighting System

Most of today’s office buildings are designed to provide 500 lux on normal work station spaces for both closed & open office spaces. However, for most of us that spend most of our time working on LED or LCD monitor screens, all we need from ambient lighting is around 200 lux at the task level. This means 60% of ambient lighting can be saved while improving today’s working environment. When higher illumination is required for areas for paper based tasks, 500 lux can be achieved by adding qualified task lighting products. This means all of today’s office spaces can achieve 50-80% of energy savings by reducing the ambient light level with highly efficient LED troffers and adding ergonomic task lights where needed. Task Ambient Lighting is an excellent strategy to create significant energy savings & improve worker productivity.

Task ambient lighting, which is using relatively low ambient lighting together with task lights when more light is required, is one of the best strategies for energy efficiency and good lighting. But it is often not specified optimally, and it is significantly under utilized.

We now have a new generation of cost-effective dimming and Kelvin-changing LED task and ambient lights that are good for improving circadian rhythms, mood preferences, visual acuity, productivity, energy savings and sustainability. These are human factors that together are becoming known as Human Centric Lighting.

We now have a new generation of cost effective dimming and CCT or Kelvin changing LED task lights, which are also good for what can be called human centric lighting, human factors in lighting, biophilia or other names. This humanistic lighting can improve circadian rhythms, mood – preferences, visual acuity, performance and energy savings – sustainability.