Optimize the learning environment with research applied illumination


More colors to experience and express.  Fuller spectrum is better for all education contexts.

Flicker Free

Flickering ambience can cause many negative side effects for children.

Jonathan Stine

Working with PlanLED has been a very positive experience. They  deliver on their promises, totally stand behind their products, and completely understand the value of customer service.  Their commitment to improve interior environments with tunable LED lighting has not only made me aware of how this type of technology impacts our students’ learning environment, but has also inspired me to target special education classrooms where the impact will be most critical.

Jonathan StineRenton School District
Sara Barbee

“Hopefully every school in the world will have this kind of technology to let the kids focus on their learning,”

Sara BarbeeRenton Park Elementary

WSSP 2015 Update

After meeting all requirements above, provide a lighting system that is designed to change the color of the luminaires (approximately 3,000 K – 5,000 K) based on the respective color of the sunlight throughout the day.   (Systems may be called tunable white, circadian rhythm, human-centric lighting, etc.)  System may have the ability to have a temporary override(up to 60 minutes) for “calm” (3,000 K) and/ or “test” (5,000 K) settings.

The state has a Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP) that requires state-funded school construction projects greater than 5,000 square feet (chapter 39.35 RCW) to incorporate high-performance features into their school design and construction.

NGL Awarded Beetle Tunable System

  • Project Scope

    2200 Tunable Beetle Fixtures and 2300 Fixed Retrofit Kits installed in 2 High Schools

  • Energy Savings

    Lighting System Energy Consumption / Before, 1.2 mWh/yr / After,  682,000 kWh/yr (calculated estimate)

  • Energy Saving in Dollars

    Energy Savings in dollars $50,000 /yr.- $1.5 MM over the project life (est.)

  • Maintenance Savings

    Annual Maintenance Savings, approximately 20% of energy savings / yr (est.)

  • Impact on Sustainability

    Avoided 322 tons of Co2 / yr. going into our Atmosphere (est.)