Introducing LUNA Series

The LUNA series has redefined the high bay lighting experience by introducing its Narrow Multi Beam Technology which dramatically removes glare from the light source while effectively illuminating the desired work areas.  Its sturdy aluminum die cast body is also praised for its aesthetic beauty and has been welcomed by high end retail groups & convention centers, achieving significant energy saving while improving the marketability through better CRI & aesthetic presentation.


  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Convention Center
  • Gymnasium
  • Sports Arena
  • Big Box Retail
  • Safety & Energy Efficiency Standard Qualified

    UL Listed & DLC Qualified

  • High Efficacy with Quality

    Above 100 LPW with 80+ CRI

  • Narrow Beam Technology

    LUNA Series Offers its Unique Narrow Beam Technology that Minimizes Glare While Maximizing Usable Lumens

  • Excellent ROI

    Retrofit Economic of 2 to 3 Yr Payback

  • Most Feasible Technology

    Better long term benefits than T8, T5HO, induction, plasma and CMH hibays

Product Options

LUNA 160160W8315,360DownloadDownload
LUNA 160160W8315,360DownloadDownload
LUNA 130130W8312,480DownloadDownload
LUNA 130130W8312,480DownloadDownload
LUNA 9898W839,310DownloadDownload

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